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Americans and North Carolinians are trending away from supporting the death penalty.  Across North Carolina, juries in capital cases are  opting for life in prison, instead of the death penalty. North Carolina juries are sending a consistent message that they prefer life sentences over death.


When children end up in the adult criminal justice system, no one wins. Research shows that prosecuting youth charged with low-level crimes in the adult criminal justice system wastes young lives, fosters crime, does not increase public safety, and costs society more in the long run.


More than 1 in every 100 adults in the United States was confined behind bars. Sentencing and correctional policies – not crime rates – are responsible for the U.S. acceleration in the number of persons locked up and under correctional supervision.

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As Trump begins to assemble his cabinet,  serious concerns exist not only about the ways in which progress may be eroded, but also about how local police and state criminal justice systems will be used to carry out an agenda that has already been sharply focused on...

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