For the past 40 years, the Carolina Justice Policy Center has worked on a wide range of policy issues including sentencing reform, developing and improving community-based corrections programs, and addressing critical problems in the use of the death penalty.

Our Mission

The Carolina Justice Policy Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and promoting effective, equitable and humane solutions to criminal justice problems.


  • Dr. George Wilson Sr. – Chair
  • Atty. Linda Weisel – Vice Chair
  • Mr. Jesse Battle
  • Mr. Peter Burian
  • Ms. Susan Sachs
  • Ms. Jane Volland
  • Mr. Edd Partee
  • Mr. Harold Williams
  • Ms. Mandie Sellars

Staff Members

Dawn Blagrove – Director
Tessa Hale – Assistant Director

Interns & Volunteers

Past Interns:

  • Daniel Leake II
  • Raven Smith
  • Johnathon Coley
  • Bridie McDonough
  • Gerald Taylor
  • Michael Ballard
  • Sameka Battle
  • Keith Harmon
  • Mary Ross
  • Michael Morman
  • Nikki McDougald
  • Tequila Peele
  • Johnria Deberry
  • Rashad Sullivan
  • Stephanie Jackson
  • Alicia John