Speak Up!

We need you to SPEAK UP about the cases documenting racial discrimination in jury selection before the NC Supreme Court. In 2009, North Carolina passed the Racial Justice Act to ensure that race played NO role in the death penalty.  Organizations and persons across the state  joined together in 2009 to support the Racial Justice Act – a law that was  intended to protect the integrity of North Carolina’s courtrooms.  While this law was enacted, it uncovered decades of unconstitutional discrimination against qualified minority jurors. We all need to insist that racial bias plays no role in how juries are selected in our state, especially in death penalty cases.

In 2012, Judge Greg Weeks ruled that the first Racial Justice Act case provided a “wealth of evidence” demonstrating “the persistent, pervasive, and distorting role of race in jury selection throughout North Carolina.”  Judge Weeks said that the evidence “should serve as a clear signal of the need for reform in capital jury selection proceedings in the future.”

We need your voice!  If you would like to be involved in the SPEAK UP campaign, please email our office at  info@justicepolicycenter.org

Why Speak Up?

  •  The Speak Up Campaign gives you a voice in what happens in your local court.
  • No one should ever be DENIED an opportunity to serve on a jury because of their race.
  • This is an active and productive way for YOU to insure that juries are fairly selected.
  • Racism does not bring justice for victims’ family members or the community.
  • You help protect the integrity of North Carolina’s court system.
 There is much more work to be done. We need North Carolinians speaking up against the unlawful discrimination of minority jurors as the Racial Justice Act cases move through the courts.

Everyone plays an important role in ensuring racial bias does not impact justice in our courtrooms. That includes court officials, law enforcement, community activists, concerned citizens groups and YOU!

Criminal Justice reform organizations all across the country are working to prevent racism in jury selection. The Carolina Justice Policy Center is actively collaborating with these organizations. As a supporter of fair and just court practices, we urge you to be an active, involved and informed member of your community by Speaking Up against race discrimination in jury selection. To learn more about how you might educate your community on this issue please contact info@justicepolicycenter.org.