Abolishing the Death Penalty in North Carolina

people are waiting to die in North Carolina

people have been sentenced to death in NC since 1910

people on death row have been exonerated since 1973

Ending the Death Penalty and Educating Communities

Shape Public Opinion

Public sentiment against the death penalty has grown steadily, and we are working to build on that momentum.  Through our own publications and local media, we keep North Carolinians informed about problems with the death penalty in North Carolina and beyond.  We also work to cultivate anti-death penalty advocates by providing opportunities for citizens and local leaders to speak out against the death penalty.

Maintain Current Moratorium

As a result of the hard work of our organization and our partners, no one has been executed in North Carolina since 2006.  Similar lengthy moratoriums on executions in other states have been lifted before, so we are working to assure that the moratorium stays in place.

Prosecutorial Discretion

Because prosecutors have the full discretion to choose not to impose capital charges, our Vote4Justice initiative educates voters on their power to elect anti-death penalty prosecutors.

Oppose Capital Charges

We work to mobilize a public response when prosecutors choose to charge defendants capitally.

Help Us Abolish the Death Penalty

Since 1910, over 1,000 people have been sentenced to die in North Carolina. Help us make sure no one else is put to death, or sentenced to die, in North Carolina. Give now to join CJPC’s fight to reform our criminal justice system.

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