Education and inspiration for small groups, churches, clubs, and other gatherings.

Vote4Justice Training

CJPC staff will teach your group about how local elected officials can help make the justice system more fair, humane, and accountable. District attorneys and sheriffs can choose to improve or worsen the problems with our criminal justice system – including mass incarceration, racism and bias, use of the death penalty, and police accountability. In this presentation, we will walk through the roles of these local elected officials and how their discretionary power can address the problems plaguing today’s justice system.

Voices of Justice

Get inspired and educated in one event! CJPC staff partner with local advocates to share stories and educate participants on topics including the death penalty, mass incarceration, police accountability, juvenile justice, and other justice-related issues in North Carolina. CJPC’s partner advocates include public defenders, mitigation specialists, spoken word artists, and other people whose lives have been deeply affected by the justice system.

Upcoming Events

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