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Americans and North Carolinians are trending away from supporting the death penalty. Across North Carolina, juries in capital cases are opting for life in prison, instead of the death penalty. North Carolina juries are sending a consistent message that they prefer life sentences over death.

The trend away from capital punishment is not just a phenomena in North Carolina, but across the country. North Carolina is among the majority of states, 26, plus 3 jurisdictions (District of Columbia, Federal Government, and Military), that has not executed a single person in the last ten years. In the minority of states that are still executing people, the number of prisoners executed is falling steadily.

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Death Row Exonerees in North Carolina (1974-2016)

  1. Samuel Poole (1974)
  2. Christopher Spicer (1975)
  3. Tim Hennis (1989)
  4. Alfred Rivera (1999)
  5. Alan Gell (2004)
  6. Jonathan Hoffman  (2007)
  7. Glen Chapman (2008)
  8. Levon ‘Bo’ Jones (2008)
  9. David Gainey (2010)
  10. Henry McCollum (2014)

Non-Death Row Exonerees in North Carolina (1974-08)

  1. Ronald Cotton (1995)
  2. Darryl Hunt (2003)
  3. Dwayne Dail (2007)

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