Recidivism Reduction Services

Recidivism Reduction Services is a state-funded program targeted at high risk/high need individuals who are under correctional supervision.  The Recidivism Reduction Services (RRS) program provides contracts with local service providers to deliver Cognitive Behavioral Intervention services and a limited amount of substance abuse treatment services.   Participants receive therapy that encourages appropriate behavior, positive coping mechanisms and the development of life skills that help in successfully meeting court requirements.

Persons are referred to Recidivism Reduction Services (RRS) through a probation officer or TASC (Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities.)  TASC  provides care management services to people with substance abuse or mental illness who are involved in the justice system. TASC is available on a limited basis in all districts in NC.    In order to be eligible for TASC – or to be referred to Recidivism Reduction Servives through TASC,  an individual must  be involved in the criminal justice system; agree to participate and have a substance abuse or mental health problem.

You can read additional information on TASC.