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Pretrial Services

Pretrial Release Programs are funded by local county governments and are available in 30 of North Carolina’s 100 counties. They provide the court system with an alternative to jail (not prison). Through consultation with the judiciary, the victim ( in all cases of an assaultive nature) and the District Attorney’s Office, the Pretrial Release Program serves to balance the requirements of justice, victim safety and public safety with the need to minimize jail overcrowding and to hold down operation and construction costs.

Pretrial caseworkers provide defendants released into the custody of the program with quick and easy information regarding court dates, courtroom locations and information about their attorney and how to contact them. Caseworkers also provide assault victims with an extra level of protection by being able to request orders for arrest for defendants who do not abide by their release conditions – such as having no contact with a victim or harrassing a victim.

Caseworkers monitor a pretrial defendant’s compliance with their release conditions. The Court revokes clients from the program if they are rearrested for committing a new crime while participating in the program and the Court issues an order for arrest if the defendant violates any of his court-ordered conditions of release.

To learn more about the Pretrial System you can visit North Carolina Pretrial Services Association.