Putting an End to Mass Incarceration in North Carolina


of the world's prison population is in the United States

people were imprisoned in North Carolina in 2017

BILLION dollars are spent annually to incarcerate people in NC

Ending Mass Incarceration and Supporting Justice-Involved People

Bail Reform

We are working to combat the abusive practices of the for-profit bail system and reduce the number of people who are in jail simply because they are too poor to pay bail. We do this by:

  • engaging local media
  • educating North Carolinians and key decision makers on alternatives to money bail
  • supporting organizing efforts to bail out people jailed because they are poor
  • supporting organizing efforts to persuade decision makers to take into account the impact of incarceration when they set bail
  • shaping the litigation strategy of our partners.

Our work is part of a thriving coalition including partners such as the North Carolina ACLU, the Center for Self Help, Southerners on New Ground, and many others.

Reentry Support

We are working to reduce the collateral consequences that create barriers for individuals who have criminal records. By serving on the State Reentry Council Collaborative, we engage businesses, religious leaders, local reentry councils, and advocacy groups to generate and implement solutions.

We also advocate at the legislature for policies that expand eligibility for criminal record expungement and certificates of relief, promote fair chance hiring, and increase resources for reentry programs both in and out of jails and prisons.

Prosecutorial Reform

Through our Vote4Justice Initiative, we are creating a more informed electorate that understands the immense amount of power wielded by prosecutors. We are teaching voters to choose prosecutors that work towards justice rather than just convictions, and to hold them accountable once they are elected.

Help Us Bring an End to Mass Incarceration

In North Carolina, we continue to waste over a billion dollars every year on an ineffective, biased and unjust criminal justice system. Your support helps us advocate for more effective ways to prevent and respond to crime than prisons. Give now to join our fight to reform North Carolina’s criminal justice system.

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