Supporting Victims of Police Violence

Those who have been unjustly abused and killed by police, especially people of color, are rarely advocated for. Our country’s pervasive racial bias makes it far more likely that the media will construct a narrative that blames the victim. To make matters even worse, there remains an overwhelming likelihood that the officers involved will not be held accountable. Current conviction rates stand at just one for every 1,000 civilian deaths nationwide.

We work to respond rapidly when someone in our community is unjustly hurt or killed by police. For there to be a chance at real justice, victims must have trained advocates by their side as soon as possible who can effectively engage the media with the victims’ own stories and experiences. Expert legal assistance is also required to make sure officers are held accountable.

In addition to direct victim support, we are proactively working with local elected officials to revise department policies to improve police accountability. Our current efforts include drafting proposals to establish local police advisory review boards, and directly engaging with officials to ensure community involvement.

By providing effective counsel and advocacy for victims of police violence, drafting proposed policy changes, and engaging local elected officials, our goal is to improve community policing in North Carolina, one case at a time.