Summer Youth Leadership Program

CJPC’s Executive and Associate Directors both have extensive backgrounds in education and law. Soon, we will leverage our staff’s unique dual skill set to launch the 2019 Summer Youth Leadership Program. Our program will be open the program to all interested high school and college-aged students, with a particular emphasis on recruiting and empowering youth whose lives have been impacted by North Carolina’s criminal justice system.

Students in our Summer Youth Leadership Program will dive deeply into the causes of and solutions for the problems that plague North Carolina’s criminal justice, including mass incarceration, the cash bail system, juvenile justice issues, bias, and police accountability. Participants will also be involved in CJPC’s day-to-day work as they shadow and assist our staff, providing valuable hands-on experience and opportunities to connect with local leaders and advocates in their local criminal justice community.

The goal of our CJPC Summer Youth Leadership Program is to spark a movement of young advocates empowered to effectively engage in the work of criminal justice reform.

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